On Personal Training

Getting results is what we are about. Read what some of our clients have to say.

Julie, Warradale, South Australia

The biggest result for me has been discovering how enjoyable I now find exercising. I have always found it to be such a chore that left me sore and uninspired. It's not just how good I look, it's how good I feel and the lift I get emotionally has totally changed my outlook on 'fitness'. I can't believe I am one of those people who want to exercise.

 Jane, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia 

I have been with Leonie at Life & More for 18months and my life and outlook have changed dramatically since. Facing type 2 diabetes and other health issues, I knew my lifestyle had to change.

Leonie has helped me to change bad habits forever, loose weight and completely change my shape.

I now have so much energy, feel totally in control of my life and have reversed my type 2 diabetes. Each week, I can't wait for "my time", - personal training, pilates and Boote Fit fitess sessions.

Leonie is forever there, supportive and caring. Being fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is now a part of my life thanks to Leonie. 


Eve, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

Leonie is a highly skilled and professional personal trainer with many years of experience. I have been training with her for about two years now, and she has been able to help me in the process of setting and achieving my fitness goals. This ranges from flexibility and core work, improvements with strength, nutritional guidance and stretching after the sessions. I love her 'hands-on' approach, and find her programs to be innovative, fun and tailored specifically to my needs. Leonie has a great commitment and passion for what she does, and has created a welcoming environment that provides support, motivation and education for those who have made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Carmel, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

I came to Leonie overweight, unfit with rheumatoid arthritis 10 months ago. I am now 10kgs lighter and have lost 47cm overall. I feel amazing, have much higher energy levels. My pain is considerably less. I love Leonie's training techniques. I have never had an injury and she is very motivational.


I’ve got the 'oh my god, this is tight' dress on and it fits! I even got it on without realising the zip was half way up! I feel fabulous!

On Pilates

Frank, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

After suffering shoulder, pelvic and a back injury, Leonie at Life & More has helped me to get flexibility and strength back and to keep that strength through to the following week.

Barbara, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

Thank you Leonie! Why did I not start Pilates sooner! I feel so great when I finish a class!

Cristina, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia

The level of qualification that I have found in Leonie is much higher than any other trainer in a gym that I have gone to over many years.

Jodie, Adelaide, South Australia

I was going to call you at 7am when I first moved today - not massively sore but I can really feel a general day-after feeling in my shoulders and legs. I took Jed (the dog) for a good walk and am feeling really good. Was going to let you know that I really enjoyed the class. I think Pilates is my thing - you don’t work up a sweat but feel like you've worked some muscles quite well!

On Life Coaching

Christine, Perth, Western Australia

I have been in contact with Leonie since September 07 and had six life coaching sessions with her.

During this time it has given me time to reflect on my life and my achievements which is something I had not previously given myself time to acknowledge. She has given me an understanding of myself and I have learnt not to be so critical of myself. I have also learnt that life can start from today and not to dwell too much on the past. To make a mistake in life is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life.

Leonie has been a tower of strength when it has come to looking forward to all that life can offer and how to achieve those dreams. It now seems not a dream but a reality if that is what I want.  She has made me look at what it is that I do actually want in life and not to be afraid of chasing what I thought was only a dream previously. Also she has made me not be critical of myself for taking so many different paths in my life but to embrace them.

Life coaching has been an experience that has given me my confidence back that I had as a younger woman and given me a new lease for life.  I can now stride ahead with a new feeling self esteem and contribute to my working and family life.

I would like to acknowledge Leonie for her friendship during this time and her determination to make me look at myself for who I am and to like that person.

Thankyou Leonie.

Jodie, Adelaide, South Australia

After recently undertaking a number of life coaching sessions with Leonie I would not hesitate to recommend them to others. Having begun this process with little understanding of what life coaching involved I was surprised at the impact that these sessions had on my attitude towards both myself and my future.

The process of examining my beliefs and values allowed me to understand the basis for decisions I had made in the past. It also allowed me to look at how I could change the beliefs that were preventing me from reaching my goals.

Each week Leonie encouraged me to make small tangible changes in my life. The visible results of these changes provided me with the motivation I needed to continue this process and actively move towards achieving my short and long term goals.

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