Success Stories


22 May 2013 



Weight before: 87kg
Weight now: 69.9kg
% of body fat before: 42.3%
% of body fat now:28.8%
Overall body cms lost: 55cms 


Wow! How seven months with Leonie at ' LIFE & MORE ' have changed my body and life.

My beautiful mother Nancie passed away at age 97 in February 2013. In March my son Paul turned 40. It was Paul who said to me....." Mum if you want to live as long as the ' Nanster ' you will have to change your ways." I knew he was right. I now knew that what I had been contemplating for months when I walked past ' LIFE & MORE ' each morning at 6 had to become a reality.

I made the phone call, went for an assessment and found out that my Metabolic Age was 76. This totally threw me.....I am 65. I want to be at my grandchildren’s 21st birthdays.

My commitment was made and the food diary began. Recording every morsel that passed my lips in 24 hours was an eye opener. A great way to begin. I certainly was THE OWNER of my problem.

So, over the next seven months with old habits changing, an interesting and varied exercise program, which I look forward to each week, an increased quantity of ' fresh is best ' in my shopping trolley and the constant encouragement from Leonie, I can now say my Metabolic age is 50 and I have lost 17kg.

These seven months have been a journey to a new way of life. I am fit and extremely happy. Thank you Leonie. 

Ruth, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia 


22 Oct 2013



Weight before: 81.2kg
Weight now: 59.5kg
% of body fat before: 42.2%
% of body fat now:28.6%
Overall body cms lost: 66cms 



In October 2013, on the advice of my Doctor to lose a little weight to help with a couple of small medical issues, I joined Life & More. I wasn't happy with the way I looked and needed to lose weight and also gain some strength and energy to help me cope with my two beautiful grandchildren.

Since joining Life & More I have succeeded in losing weight, developing strength and energy and feel fit and healthy. I like my new body image, and now cope very well with my grandchildren and no longer feel tired.

Keeping a food diary initially and the exercise regime, helped me to develop valuable skills to make sensible eating and exercise choices. My Doctor is pleased with my achievements as I now no longer have to take blood pressure medication, which makes me feel very happy.

Leonie has been very encouraging and has helped me meet my goals. I thank her and her other trainers (Tania and Natalie) who have helped me along in my journey. I am confident that I will be able to maintain my new life style. 

Shirley, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia


14 Feb 2014



Weight before: 96.3kg
Weight now: 76.8kg

% of body fat before: 47.2%
% of body fat now: 36.3%
Overall body cms lost: 69cms 


Joy, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia 


26 Apr 2012



Weight before: 78.5kg
Weight now: 60.7kg
% of body fat before: 40.5%
%of body fat now: 27.4%
Overall body cms lost: 56cm


Since joining the Life & More family I have found a new lease on life. I have now lost just over 17 kilos and feel great. I can't wait for my 'me' time each week. I feel great after every session and have learnt that losing weight doesn't  have to mean restrictive diets.  The Life & More approach is about leading a healthy  and balanced lifestyle and having a bit of fun along the way. I couldn't have done it without the amazing support and encouragement of both Leonie and Tania.  I feel so much stronger, healthier and empowered. I would recommend Life & More to anyone, in fact I've now got my mum signed up!! 

Katie, Sheidow Park, South Australia


3 Jul 2010



Weight before: 95.7kg
Weight now: 82.8kg
%Body fat before: 35.1%
%Body fat after: 28.9%
Overall body cms lost: 48.5cm


Finding myself just north of 50, overweight, suffering chronic high blood pressure, overall feeling stressed and lacking vigour, I needed to make some changes. With the help of Leonie Berger in setting achievable goals, and then setting up a plan to improve diet, increase my activity levels and then having specialised one on one training sessions, I have exceeded and then extend my fitness and wellbeing goals. Leonie's approach is open and supportive, with every step and technique explained and with a focus on progressive improvement in diet, fitness and overall wellbeing. 

Wayne, Happy Valley, South Australia


26 Oct 2011



Weight before: 87.7kg
Weight now: 72.8kg
% Body fat before: 45.1%
%Body fat after: 34.7%
Overall body cms lost: 47cm


Laura, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia


11 Aug 2012



Weight before: 74.5kg
Weight now: 67.5kg
% Body fat before: 40.7%
%Body fat after: 36.6%
Overall body cms lost: 16.5cm


Sylvia, Warradale, South Australia


10 Mar 2010


Weight before: 75.3kg
Weight now: 70.7kg
%Body fat before: 39%
%Body fat now: 32.5%
Overall body cms lost:16.5cm


It was meant to be for my mind, body and soul - reuniting with Leonie was just what I needed for my fitness, weight loss and motivation. Infact I must say at this stage of my life I made the right choice and it is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

I knew what I wanted but I needed to break the barrier and get over the hump. Excellent choice of mind, body , soul - well done Leonie and to myself! I also want to commend Leonie on the excellent, professional training envrionment she provides. The results are showing.

Anna, Glenelg, South Australia


20 Nov 2008



Weight before: 97.1kg
Weight now: 90.0kg
% Body fat before: 32.5%
%Body fat after: 28.3%
Overall body cms lost: 23cm


Rod, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia


6 Aug 2008



Weight before: 73.4kg
Weight after:59.8kg
% Body fat before: 41.4%
% Body fat after: 31.8%
Overall body cms lost: 66.5cm


For many years now I had felt the weight starting to creep on and it wasn’t as easy to lose as it had been when I was younger. Every winter I would tell myself I needed to get into shape for summer and each summer would come and  go and nothing had changed. The only thing which was changing was the size of the clothes I was buying!

 I turned 40 in 2008 and a couple of months after my birthday I realised something needed to change, I was always feeling tired, I was miserable and really not happy with the way I looked, so I decided to have a mid life crisis, the best crisis I have ever had in my life.

I heard about Leonie through a friend and thought I need to call this lady, what have I got to lose, maybe some weight!  All the usual excuses went through my head at first, when will I have time, how can I afford this etc but after calling Leonie this all changed, it was no longer about finding the time etc, it was about me.

Leonie was very encouraging and realistic about helping me achieve my goals. It was not about starving myself or exercising to the point of exhaustion, it is about sensible eating, regular exercise and sensible life choices. I started using a food and exercise diary to record everything I ate and how much exercise I did.  Within weeks the weight started to drop off and this is where the real high comes in, feeling really proud of yourself for finally making a commitment to get healthy. I looked forward to my sessions with Leonie and I would feel fantastic after exercising. It has to be noted that I was never a sporty or exercising type of person. 

Tania, South Brighton, South Australia 


24 Apr 2009


Weight before: 123.1kg
Weight after: 98.8kg
% Body fat before:51.8%
% Body fat after: 47.2%
Overall body cms lost: 70cm


Leonie and Life & More are the best things to happen to me, starting with Pilates for a back injury and moving to personal training and gaining my life back.

My health and fitness has improved dramatcially under Leonie's care and guidance. She works me hard and I work myself hard. I'm not as afraid to try new things.

I'm eating better, my whole family's health and eating is improving thanks to making small changes.

My body changes are great and boosting my confidence and self-esteem.

Louise, Happy Valley, South Australia 

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I’ve got the 'oh my god, this is tight' dress on and it fits! I even got it on without realising the zip was half way up! I feel fabulous!
                                      Jacque, Adelaide
Thank you Leonie! Why did I not start Pilates sooner! I feel so great when I finish a class!
                      Barbara, Flagstaff Hill, SA