Improving My Life

How do I improve the results in my life?

Everything we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of (or not capable of) determines the results that we get in this world.

What you tell yourself is true about your world will often become your reality. People who experience frustration over what isn’t working in their lives are often focusing on what they can’t control and influence. If you move your focus to what you can control or influence, you will feel more empowered.

Utilising an external resource like a Life Coach can be an effective way to support you in maintaining your focus on results. Ask yourself today, 'What am I willing to do to focus on the results I desire instead of focusing on the reasons why I can’t achieve those results?', and expect the answer to lead you to the results you are looking for.

Through life coaching people learn to be happier. They learn the skills and habits of happiness, of living life with more joy, more smiles, and more excitement. People also learn to celebrate more. Often we focus on what needs improvements, which is fine. However, sometimes that focus hides how wonderful things already are. In life coaching, we assist people up to their level of celebration, their level of appreciation.

Other benefits include improved health and vitality. By combining life coaching and personal training, Life & More can assist you to improve your health and thereby improve your ability to do more, achieve more and be more.

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